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peeking through the clouds

written by ChristingC March 18, 2011
 Dress courtesy of Love, Forever 21 top, bag courtesy of Kipling, Topshop beanie, H&M bracelets.
Here’s an outfit from the night before our departure to Singapore.

I am now lounging on a vast dream like bed, in a white fluffy robe, while admiring the breathtaking views from the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.  In 24 hours we have snacked on pizza beside the most insane infinity pool, partied at a Mediterranean worthy beach club, met the very hospitable Far East Movement, consumed far too many oysters and steaks, sipped on vodka and cranberry beside Singapore’s glowing skyline, and slept for 8 full hours in a cloud of pillows and duvet. Spending time here, it’s easy to see why Singapore is such a popular place to live. The culture is so interesting to me and the architecture is so unique. One of my friends is even thinking of buying a condo in Singapore from One Pearl Bank (click here to have a look at where she wants to move). I hope she’ll invite me to visit soon. As for me, I’m all set for another round.  Will share pics soon!

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