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London travel diary

 photo 26D8D3B8.jpg photo 20D693BE.jpg photo F70D8456.jpg photo 82702F07.jpg photo 897BD545.jpg photo 554A69E5.jpg
C. by Christing C. Montmartre Sweater and Portobello Short.  Topshop Hat and H&M boots.

These were taken on the single day we headed back to visit Notting Hill.  One of the chilliest afternoons during the trip, but worth every sliver of sunshine peeking through the barren trees.  We made a pit stop at Rum Kitchen to burn our tongues on spicy ribs and pushed our way through the tourist littered market searching for sanctuary in any empty pub corner.  The relatively uneventful day made me miss the little quirks about residing in London. Pints of beer passed around at noon,  lunches last until dinner, girls layered in eccentric style, prams on every organic cafe corner, and trees lining every pleasantly worn out street.  Can’t wait to return this summer.

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H&M boots, Topshop Hat, and Givenchy Bag.
After three weeks of traipsing around London with the boy, sleeping as much as possible, consuming copious amounts of delicious food, and finding cozy corners to hide from the cold, we are back in HK.  Less than 24 hours into our front door and we are back to a full schedule of events and meetings.  The only way to be in this city.  I have a few posts to share with you guys from London, so lets just start with this and we’ll go from there.

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written by ChristingC
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C. by Christing C. dress, vintage cardigan worn over 7 for all Mankind blouse, Plush socks, and Zara boots.  Givenchy bag.

Having 24 hours of laziness all to myself.  Partaking in chocolate brownie indulgence and a lot of Gossip Girl reruns.  Chilly weather awakens my peppermint tea and snuggly sweater addiction in a way only London can accomplish.  Less than a week left of our trip.  I plan on delving into a few more vintage markets and unveiling hidden treasures to prepare and update our HK home.  For now a quick nap is awaiting. 

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C. by Christing C. Elgin Vest and Big Sur Dress, Carin Wester Blazer, Celine Sunglasses.

The boy and I are having fun playing tourist during our trip in London.  We’ve lived here for years, burrowed into the depths of Notting Hill and enjoying all the neighbourhood quirks the area had to offer.  Staying in North London for a few weeks is a new novelty for us, so we are taking the opportunity to shop the many boutiques, cozy up in inviting pubs, and exploring food markets bursting with mulled wine and melted cheese.  Despite blistering rain and wind, we are finding ways to keep toasty with genuine smiles and laughs dominating each day.  Long getaways are the best way to drift away from reality.  

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