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Punta Rucia Lodge, Dominican Republic

written by ChristingC July 25, 2022

We wound down a bumpy path unsure of what to expect.  After setting eyes on a few captivating google images and a strong local recommendation we booked at few nights at Punta Rucia Lodge hoping to set foot in paradise.  Our minivan parked up against the bohemian entrance and we were instantly drawn to the inviting reception.  The stylish decor was reminiscent of Bali, and Tulum, featuring artistic touches of understated luxury.  We fell for the tranquil scene, modern and cozy bungalows, straw thatched spa, and friendly service. A wooden swing set and photogenic white nets were set right in the crystal clear sea, and a chic oceanfront swimming pool brought just the right touch of style to the captivating beachfront.  A single restaurant set on a breezy open terrace served mouthwatering Dominican and international homecooked fare and everything tasted even better paired with the freshly squeezed tropical juices.  The most unforgettable feature, the slice of idyllic white sand and turquoise waters, comparable to some of the most famous, and expensive, beaches in the world.  The variety of bungalows offers options for families with connecting rooms and those with 2 bedrooms and bathrooms.  Don’t miss the sunsets where the sky literally turns into a work of art.  Service is always helpful and friendly ensuring a personable and welcoming stay.  Punta Rucia Lodge is truly a hidden gem, a dreamy locale that will undoubtedly create unforgettable memories.


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