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Japan Family Travel Diary: Kai Nikko by Hoshino Resorts

written by ChristingC February 25, 2019

As our bus wound it’s way towards Nikko we spotted a dusting of snow for the first time in a year. Ever and River jumped with excitement, pouring with questions about our destination. In truth, we did very little research about Nikko before heading to the quaint Japanese town, but had complete trust in Hoshino Resorts, and were sure we would be in for a memorable experience. Finally our shuttle stopped alongside Lake Chuzenji and we sat in awe of the captivating beauty. Nikko was covered in snow, quiet, and peaceful. We weaved our way through the lobby of Kai Nikko and were instantly drawn to the cozy ryokan. Staff guided us through the experience, introducing us to the traditional rooms and dress, as well as onsen and dining etiquette at their resort. Ever and River instantly changed into the authentic children’s yakutas and delved into the cultural experience. Admiring the view of the lake and Mount Nantai, Dan and I settled in our spacious and elegant tatami room. Complete with our own onsen bath, huge cloud like bed, and large windows facing the sunset, we made ourselves right at home.

Throughout our stay, staff were there to assist us ensuring we were comfortable at all times. Afternoon tea was devoured in the warm and plush lobby, and we couldn’t get over the fun and delicious dining experiences. We were treated to local flavours, authentic dishes and the kids even had their own meal plates. The onsen were a true highlight, all open air and inviting. Being out of the city and feeling nature all around us was such a perfect way to start our journey in Japan. Surrounded by shrines, authentic fare, and picturesque views, you truly can’t beat Kai Nikko for a romantic or family ryokan stay.

2482-1 Chugu, Nikko-shi,
Tochigi 321-1661

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