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Singapore Travel Diary: Capella

written by ChristingC January 21, 2017

I really have to say, Singapore is one of the most child friendly cities on the planet, and Sentosa is akin to a children’s theme park at the heart of this beautiful, lively, and very clean island. Capella is situated right at the entrance of Sentosa, a luxurious boutique oasis, if you are looking for only the best for your family. From the moment you arrive at the delicate and grand colonial building the attentive staff are at your disposal. The historic building is fused with modern addditions to create the stunning resort, complete with decadent private pool villas, suites boasting ocean views, and three lagoon pools. The limited number of rooms means the atmosphere is always tranquil and you’ll never feel crowded or wait for service. We loved their inviting restaurants with the mouthwatering Peking Duck at Cassia being one of the most delicious dishes we sampled during our trip. Don’t miss their luxurious breakfast service and grab an outdoor table if you want to liase with one of the famous resident peacocks. I honestly can’t recommend Capella Singapore more if you want a romantic getaway or an escape from the city with your family. Not only does the city make a fantastic getaway, it also makes for a great place to live. With so much to see and do, it really is no surprise why so many choose to relocate here to somewhere like the Piermont Grand Location.

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