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written by ChristingC October 8, 2013
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Wearing C. by Christing C.

I’ve been a bit absent here lately, finding it hard to juggle work and sharing my thoughts in a concise format.  How important is the ratio of bad and good? How much good is necessary to make the bad worth your time, tears, effort?  Moving to a new city always makes you weigh your options, and after two years I’m still learning the ins and outs of how to make somewhere home.  It took me moving away from England, certain that somewhere else was where I wanted to be to decide to go back last time.  Now I’m certain I don’t crave living in Europe any longer.  Surviving on a faster pace and extreme diversity has made my appetite for excitement stronger than ever.  I find it hard to imagine settling for somewhere less insane, less fervent than Hong Kong.  I would miss the busy Monday nights, constant on the go attitude, opportunities being thrown on your doorstep by the minute, and endless string of social events.  Learning how to balance it all is the fine art I’m willing myself to perfect.  

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