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photo diary: catch up date

written by ChristingC August 17, 2013
 photo C70F385D.jpg photo 7928243E.jpg photo B0C8791B.jpg photo 19249783.jpg photo 19023EC4.jpg photo A44A9650.jpg photo B5ACDA73.jpg photo 9291A06E.jpg photo 5CD5CBC2.jpg photo C404DD02.jpg
top to bottom: St Germain Short by C. by Christing C., Excelsior Hotel Sunday Brunch, C. by Christing C. Pop Up at The9thMuse, fresh seafood at W Hong Kong’s Sunday Brunch, Sunday Sessions at WET W Hong Kong, C. by Christing C. Taipei Shorts in Silver, girls dinner at Fatty Crab HK with Cindiddy, St Germain Short by C. by Christing C.

  Life has been a but hectic these past two weeks and I felt myself getting overwhelmed more than a few times. I almost forgot the luxury of waking without an alarm and lounging in bed until far past noon.  An absence of to-do lists would probably ease my anxiety, but I guess with idleness you miss out on that sense of accomplishment. Either way I’m happy I had time to catch up with you guys today.


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