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written by ChristingC October 1, 2012
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Aje leggings from Christing C. H&M top, Mara Hoffman Cardigan on sale at Christing C. Foxtail courtesy of Dolls Kill, and Topshop wedge sneakers.
What I wore for a quiet date with the boy last night.  It’s a long weekend in Hong Kong to celebrate the brightly lit full moon, so the boy and I are partaking in all our favourite activities.  Lots of meals, wine, yacht trips, and relaxing days at the country club.  I am turning a new leaf and trying for a far more optimistic perspective.  Sometimes it’s neccessary to listen to your instincts rather than over think a situation.

Ohhh and in other exciting news… My dad just surprised us with a trip to Europe!! So we will be in Milan and Paris in less than two weeks.  Too exciting 🙂