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 Stylestalker top and blazer from Electric Sekki, Zara skirt, Christian Louboutin bag.

I’m easily restless, always wanting a little more than what I currently have.  Long trips and weeks away make me yearn for a far more unconventional and nomadic life.  Dreams of calling more than one spectacular city home and never staying long enough to become bored.  It’s time to make big plans and follow through.  Who wouldn’t want summers on a deserted white beach, winters surrounded by powder white mountain tops, and the sight of glittering city lights all the months in between.  Dream big.  
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catching up

written by ChristingC
One of my favourite seats in Sheung Wan.  (outside 208 Restaurant)
The perfect spring cocktail aptly named “blueberry smash.” (At Blue Bar in Four Seasons)
Walk along this sky walkway about five times a day.  
An exceptional view from the terrace at Azure in LKF Hotel.
Crudite is my new obsession.  This one is delicious and from La Cantoche.
A Valentine’s surprise courtesy of Laduree.  Must visit their cute new boutique in Harbour City.  
Will be returning for scented candles and rose tea macaroons very soon.

A Stylestalker dress I want to wear all the time and unusual summer weather on the 1st of February.

The boy looking insanely full after a yummy French feast at La Cantoche.

Me contemplating why it’s so acceptable for adults to drink out of juice boxes in HK.  I’m not complaining.

It’s been a busy few weeks.  We’ve been occupied eating a million meals a week, running around the city and trying to dress appropriately for the indecisive weather, planning upcoming trips and slotting in family time where we can, and staying up into the early hours to make time for just us. I’m looking forward to seeing a few of my favourite girls and a family feast in celebration of Chinese New Year and a quiet Valentine’s Day with the boy.  Keep up with all my random musings and activities by following on Instagram or anything else listed below.
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  Uploaded with SnapbucketUploaded with Snapbucket 
Stylestalker dress from Electric Sekki, Egoist Coat, Cheap Monday wedges. 
The holidays feel like they’re passing at the speediest pace without a chance to squeeze maximum enjoyment out of each and every minute.  We have feasted, laughed, danced, slept, and even had impromptu announcements and visitors.  I find it so hard to look forward to so many moments only for them to dissolve at the blink of an eye.  Christmas, birthdays, weddings, vacations, or even an amazing meal.  I wish you would move at my pace.  
Tomorrow we depart for Korea, so I guess I’m going to sleep less and enjoy more.

Yay!  Please send over as many shopping recommendations as possible! 

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pick me up

written by ChristingC
Stylestalker jacket and Ksubi tee from Electric Sekki, Asos socks and hat, Cheap Monday shoes.
 Just arrive in Taipei!!  Will share lots of outfit, food, drinks, shopping pics with you all soon!  Can’t wait for the rest of Brew&Post and Cindiddy to arrive!  All of my HK favourites on vacation.  Yay!! 
Don’t forget to shop the Christing C. Birthday sale!! 20% off when you enter “oneyear” at checkout!!
Only two days left!!
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Stylestalker shirt, Moussy tank, One Teaspoon shorts, Topshop sneakers.
Currently in Jiangxi keeping my Dad company while he oversees the construction of his new factory.  Luckily we are staying in a specifically constructed “home” or “living quarters which resembles the set of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, surrounded by family, searingly spicy cuisine, enough free flowing wine to knock out an army, and the most beautiful star enhanced sky.  Despite an unexpected lightning induced power outage and the abundance of hungry mosquitoes we are happily enjoying a pause from the demands of the city.


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