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I’m always on the prowl for new skin and hair products to add to my collection.  I obsessivly moisturize and condition my hair so anything to fuel my ongoing daily routine is a welcome addition.  Here a few new products I’m currently obsessing over.
1. Redken Diamond Oil conditioner and shampoo.  I got these during MBFWA and have been using it since.  Perfect for my dry, coloured hair.  Truth be told I like my hair a bit dry as it’s easier to style.  My hair is naturally super shiny and thick, but I prefer it coloured and dry so it can hold waves.  This stuff keeps my hair soft, but still leaves enough texture for styling.

2.  The Body Shop Vitamin E Intense Moisture Cream.  Super moisturizing and feels really natural.  A simple cream that doesn’t promise a million amazing anti-ageing benefits but doesn’t irritate or bother my skin while keeping it baby soft.

3. Christophe Robin Masque Regenerent.  I like to use a deep conditioning mask once a week and this one is really thick and luxurious.  It is perfect after swimming or days at the beach.  Ideal if you feel like pampering your locks.  I sit around on days off with a face mask and this in my hair.

4.  Rachel K Blemish Balm or Schrammek’s BB cream.  I don’t use foundation so BB Creams are my go-to for evening out any imperfections.  I usually use it under my eyes and around my nose.  It’s perfect for glowing skin without the heavy feeling of foundation on your face.  Especially with HK’s insane humidity, I love using BB creams which are actually good for your skin over make-up.

5.  MAC Lip Conditioner.  I have several tubes of this stashed in my bags, beside my bed, and in random coat pockets.  It works great with lip gloss, over lipstick, or just on its own.  Goes on really smooth and keeps my lips hydrated at all times.

6.  Original Mineral No Knott.  My hair is very long and gets tangled easily so this stuff is an absolute necessity.  It contains Macadamia Oil and Argan Oil two of my top ingredients for hair products.  I spray it into my hair before blow drying and also to freshen up my hair throughout the day.  At night I spray it into my dry hair and twist it up into a bun so I wake with perfectly wavy hair.  It smells amazing too.

7.  Chanel Coco Noir.  I don’t ever think of using any other perfume.  
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