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One week, two days, and a few hours until the boy and I step into the next daunting stage of our lives.  I’ve been anticipating this moment since we discovered we would be welcoming our baby girl this Spring and am churning with nervous excitement. Planning is never high on our list of priorities, so we didn’t fully anticipate 2014 would be such a momentous year.   Despite tearful shock and elated surprise, we have found an easy stride into preparing for our new arrival.   Love sprouts so fully and easily, causing us to embrace her presence with every inch of our hearts.   Everyone says your life will change, in a forced way, but few tell you how much your own emotions will shift.  How much both of us would naturally sway our priorities without force, and so willingly give up former obsessions to ensure her safe and happy existence.   A carefree attitude will almost always infinitely define us, but so few know what goes on between the bond and relationship behind our closed doors. An easy feeling that nothing can come between today and forever, mutual praise and respect to always support the other’s triumphs and pick up fallen pieces, gentle kindness and caring through day to day activities and even harder times, and just knowing it was meant to be this way.   You feel a million words can be spoken towards you but most of what you truly hear is just between you and him.   These facts make it easy for us to not only greatly anticipate her arrival, but the pitter patter of many more.  Big families, more love, and expanding our little inner circle.  

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Some of us are lucky enough to discover love.   That kind of I can’t breathe without you, be apart from you, type of high.   Where a few hours or days apart feels like an eternity, even after decades together.  The notion comes with soaring heights of ecstatic sensation and dipping, confusing lows.   Your moods sway together, losing parts of your identity while building a separate one as one.   Their burdens, sadness, or worries litter your everyday thoughts.   The only way to be fully happy is for both of you to be there in that moment.   You know without doubts, you will never threaten, you will never think of it because you will never leave.   Life can only be complete in this specific way, and for all that comes with the extreme attachment comes the most insane happiness you could imagine.  A security knowing whatever outside elements may upset you, you belong to a home that makes you want for nothing more.  Those months, hours, years, where both of you float in glorified contentment, revelling in that space and time are what drives your dreams.  Those smiles, laughs, kisses, nights make you realise what life is really all about.  Why you thrive and fight to live, to make your everyday a better place.  Why you work hard, support each other, find ways to never spend moments apart, is to bring a permanency to that happiness.    You know as soon as it happens and you will never turn back, and every breath, tear, and smile afterwards is all that will ever matter.

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 I’ve actually just realised I have never attended a baby shower. Tomorrow is my first and it’s actually mine 🙂 I’m super excited to catch up with my favourite girls and yummy mummies, eat delicious cake, and talk bumps and babies.  The theme is pink in honor of our baby girl, so I sifted through my images for a few outfit thoughts.  Pink isn’t a colour I usually wear…well not since I was 17, but fashion has named it as a colour of the season so it seems like perfect timing.  Such an ideal time for my spring girl to arrive. She’ll celebrate every year with cherry blossoms, pastel eggs, fresh floral scents, breezy sunny days, and fields of wildflowers.
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Camping in an office is the only appropriate way to describe our former living conditions.  The boy and I had plenty of space and resources to play with, but laziness always overtook and it was easier to set up in a huge bed and stay weirdly content in that element.   Once news of the imminent arrival of our little girl hit, motivation peaked and we have completely rearranged our entire home one room at a time.  The biggest changes have taken place where our little family will spend most of our time, but the first step was to let go of our hoarding habits and donate 80% of what was stacking up in every corner available.   We have lived in more than our fair share of flats in together and have been happiest in the open plan studio type, over several bedrooms in a house.  Our tendency is to have all we need in once space, including each other and staying happily there whether working or playing for the majority of our day.   I’ve now been browsing inspiring flat images to add a little more personality to our little home.   Going down the flimsy, messy yet stylish route is much more me than the boy, but a clean and ultra modern design in not conceivable with what we have, so I guess I win.  I’m now wishing I had Portobello Market at my fingertips and all of America’s treasure chest vintage shops, but we’ll make it work with unique fabric scraps and getting a local carpenter to build a few customised pieces.  No rush, we’ll get there in the end. 

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Scrawling through endless images in the early am while the boy snoozes and our humble television hums in the background.  I’m finding sleepless nights second nature, spending hours in awe over the little girl tossing in my tummy and revelling in moments of silence knowing this may be a thing of the past in a few weeks time.  Pregnancy is not something I ever imagine missing, but a fulfilling experience I won’t forget.  The growing love for someone I know so little about is overwhelmingly pure and refreshing.   My thoughts focus easily and conventional problems seem so trivial in a life where you are preparing for the arrival of someone that is one portion you and one portion the person you care about most.  In a busy city it’s easy to find yourself lost in crammed schedules, petty gossip, ambition turned to envy, and everything in between.  Somehow it feels this has been wiped clean.  I’m more content than ever, cuddled with the boy, mapping out this year and many more to come.   Only 5 weeks to go.  Not long now.

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Decided I would dedicate a weekend to napping. That and devouring a million books on my Kindle, becoming increasingly addicted to macadamia nuts covered in chocolate, and searing hot matcha tea lattes.  Winter is still showing it’s pretty little self, so I’ve remained in what can be described as the world’s most oversized sweater for over 48 hours.  The boy and I have had many debates about the right temperature for the heater and are generally happy my dad’s place has state of the art heating as opposed to the ice box that is now our HK flat.  Off for another sleep. Catch up later.

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V Day

written by ChristingC
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Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you out there who are celebrating and love to all of you who aren’t too.  I’m feeling extra mushy this year.  Not sure why….maybe it’s the hormones courtesy of le baby bump, or the super cold cuddle inducing weather.  Either way I’m in the mood for giving and receiving lots of love and affection.  I know this holiday is super commercial and all that stuff, but it doesn’t hurt to have a day each year dedicated to reminding you of the loved one you are so lucky to have. I am definitely not the conventional, fall in love with someone, and be comfortable in a perfect relationship type of girl. I always strive on passion, falling for the difficult, complicated, tumultuous beginnings over an easy win.  It’s easy to look back at all the ups and downs the boy and I have swam through to get to where we are today.  Every battle scar makes us know each other that much better.  My cravings are never for deep romantic gestures of the floral kind, but the little quirks and unspoken understandings we’ve built throughout the years.   All those intimate details makes me love him more each day.   

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Spent the week doing just about nothing.  Lounging in our spa, indulging in massages, eating far too much food, drinking ginger tea by the gallon, and cuddling with the boy and puppy in two hour increments.  Happiness can often be so simple.  Surround yourself with those who make you smile and that smile may never leave your face.  With the next two and a half months being full of planning and preparation, I’ve began to learn to concentrate on positives and ignore any other noise. Take and learn from where you can, but at the end of the day you know what makes your world turn. Now is the time to make sure sleep, laughter, and warm hearts are top priority.


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