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Koh Ngai Thanya Beach Resort, Krabi Thailand

written by ChristingC January 9, 2021

Idyllic is an understatement when describing Koh Ngai Thanya Beach Resort.  We hopped on a private longtail boat and traversed the turquoise waters of Krabi to spend Christmas Day in paradise. Our captain pulled the boat ashore and we couldn’t believe our eyes.  The sea was crystal clear and adorned with fine white sand, rustic bungalows dotted the backdrop, and majestic karsts sat in the picture perfect horizon.  The friendly local staff grabbed our bags with ease and transported all our things and children seamlessly onto the powder soft beach.  We loved our bungalow which was modern, comfortable, and spacious for a family of four.  We could see the beach from our tranquil terrace and felt right at ease surrounded by the beauty of nature and calm. Days were lazily spent poolside or dipping into the glasslike sea. Ever and River hunted for hermit crabs and shells and they couldn’t get enough of splashing in the refreshing beachfront pool.  The simple outdoor restaurant served mouthwatering Thai fare and fresh seafood all day and the smiling staff were always on hand to ensure we were happy and content.  It’s islands like this that are always surprising me in Thailand, showing me a place where you can truly escape the stresses and pressures of the world.  

We were staying in Koh Lanta before traveling to Koh Ngai.  The resort can assist with boat transfers or your can book a private longtail transfer from Koh Lanta.  We paid 3000 baht each way for our private boat which departed from Koh Lanta Old Town and brought us directly to the resort beach. The journey took about one hour and was a beautiful ride.


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