Home Travel Malaysia Travel Diary: Ambong Ambong Pool Villas Langkawi

Malaysia Travel Diary: Ambong Ambong Pool Villas Langkawi

written by ChristingC July 19, 2018

Beautifully perched above Pantai Tengah, Ambong Pool Villas is a tranquil and rustic sanctuary set amongst the nature of Langkawi. We loved our private pool nestled within the lush greenery alongside friendly monkeys, and picturesque blue seas as an enviable backdrop. Each morning we woke to mouthwatering, freshly prepared breakfasts, and the friendliest, accommodating staff who were there to help and make us feel comfortable throughout our stay. Each villa comes with a driver who can take you to restaurants in the local area or the nearest beach to enjoy a beer and sunset. We loved the privacy offered in our villa, and a separate dining area as well as huge bedroom and bathroom meant there was plenty of room for our family. We felt right at home in the luxurious beds, decadent outdoor bath, and romantic location. A slice of the true Langkawi added with perfect dashes of luxury. Perfect for families and couples craving romance or your own slice of heaven in the jungle.

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