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 C. by Christing C. blazer and silver shorts.  Zara top.
 My moods have been up and down almost as much as our bipolar weather.  Busy schedules and being torn between wanting to spend all my time at home with our little girl makes it impossible to keep up my semi existent social life.  Contemplating holidays lately and wondering if a quickie girl’s trip just before our one month in Europe is a good idea.  A new Nespresso Inissia machine means I’m a little more fuelled than usual, and can find energy in the peaceful hours of the night when the rest of our home is snoozing to have some much needed “me” time.  Trying my best to rebuild my wardrobe into something that makes sense again, and working towards that pre-baby body at a not too slow pace.  Another month and most of my standard goals should have been met.  I’m optimistic.


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written by ChristingC
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Top image:  Wearing C. by Christing C. Kings Road Dress in White Chiffon
Bottom image:  Wearing C. by Christing C. Melrose Bomber, Malibu Tank, and CDD x Christing C. Skirt.

Lately…it’s been all about fitting everything possible into twenty-four hours and attempting to enjoy each minute, even if we are surviving on three hours of sleep.  Luckily I’m a professional napper and find relaxing part of my DNA so even a little snooze with the bebe on my chest turns into smiles.  Getting out and catching up with the real world has played a big part in keeping our sanity.  The boy and I have managed to event hop, savour afternoon happy hour drinks, and chat endlessly about nothing with our favourite HK friends without disrupting night feeds or the majority of our precious hours with the little girl.  Balance has settled in at an easy pace I hadn’t expected.   Lets hope it keeps flowing in this favourable direction. 

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