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That brunch life. Champagne brunches are pretty much one of my favorite weekend activities.  Who doesn’t love decadent food and bubbles with a side of sunshine? Here are a few of the best we’ve sampled these past few months. 

The Verandah: Wins for best scenery, colonial interiors, and amazing shellfish selection. Don’t miss the impressive charcuterie table, freshly shucked oysters, and the variety of indulgent smoked salmon. Bring the kids along and hit the beach afterwards for a fun weekend activity. 

Gaucho: Perfect if you hate buffets and love steak. Unlimited cold and hot starters served at your table and a platter of meat that will satisfy the heartiest of appetites. They also have a DJ on hand and ultra trendy vibe so you almost feel like you are continuing Saturday night. Bring your friends and cure those hangovers.

Bibo: My ultimate date spot. Impeccable service, your choice of Ruinart or Dom Perignon, and a decadent French meal to match. All ordered from a set menu and displayed beautifully. Who wouldn’t want to dine surrounded by beautiful modern art?

The Optimist: An impressive starters selection including yummy cheeses and my favorite kale salad. Spanish vibe and main course options that include lots of veggie options, chateaubriand, and whole grilled sea bass. The Bloody Mary is a must try too. 

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Alongside fashion and travel, food blogs are in my top favourite weekend reads. Since Ever started on solids, I’ve been dedicated to creating fun meals for her each day.  I believe a love for food grows at a young age, and the fact that her Daddy and I are such foodies makes it’s all that important for her to be passionate about eating too. Cooking for the family is SO much easier if you can throw it all into one pot… And I’m currently obsessed with recipes the boy and I will love as much as Ever.

One pot pastas are versatile, simple, quick, and can be made in huge quantities so you have leftovers for lunch the next day.  I’ve tried several this week but love a veggie heavy option so I know we are getting all the nutrients we need.  Here’s a little formula that has worked for me. Just a warning. My cooking style is much like my lifestyle. Little structure and very spontaneous. I have never followed a recipe and generally throw together ingredients and keep tasting until I love it, so go with you heart and tastebuds when following the below.


4.5 cups of organic vegetable or chicken broth

8 ounces of pasta. We love whole grain penne or spaghetti.

Around two pounds of veggies. I don’t measure this. Just throw in all our favourites or what’s fresh. We love broccoli, peas, pumpkin, and mushrooms.

1 teaspoon of salt

1 teaspoon of pepper

4 cloves of garlic

Half cup of creme fraiche

1 red onion thinly sliced

1 diced chicken breast or tin of tuna (optional)

As much Parmesan cheese as you like 🙂


Add everything except creme fraiche and cheese to the pot. Cook until 3/4 liquid is evaporated (usually around 8 minutes).

Pour in creme fraiche and add more salt and pepper to taste.

Once liquid is mostly evaporated grate in cheese.

Keep stirring until veggies and pasta are cooked to your liking.

Serve with a glass of chardonnay or big cup of milk 🙂

I really don’t measure anything so add more or less of what you like. I often add more veggies, some chicken breast or tuna, and extra cheese if the boy requests. It’s different each time depending on what we crave, but this method is so easy you can’t mess it up. Just make sure to stir a lot and add extra stock if you need.  We like the pasta on the chewy side and veggies not too over cooked.

I’ll take cooking pics next time!!


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It’s the weekend. A long one and instead of talking healthy and detoxing we are gonna go all out. I’m going to recommend three spots you need to try, but not without fully throwing that diet out the window. With a food blogger boy by my side, it’s pretty much impossible to eat healthy so lately it’s been all about indulging as much as possible. The boy has a destructive habit of majorly over ordering so it’s safe to say I’ve sampled every single popular dish at these spots.

Korean food goes hand in hand with some lethal soju, so if you are looking for a raucous night out with friends and adding great food to the mix, try out Chibee or Edition. Chibee has some of the best fried chicken in town, and I’m obsessed with the fact that there’s a boneless option. The spicy varieties are all seriously addictive and I was obsessed with their frozen soju bottles. Edition does a good job of using cheese to its best abilities. Over moreish kimchi fries or sizzling in a pan of pork belly. The spicy chicken wings go amazingly with Korean Hite beer and the house infused sojus are a girls best friend (or worst enemy).

After indulging all weekend, nurse your hangover at Double D. I loved the flaky fish burger and baked potato reminiscent fully loaded fries.  Your boy will thank you for treating him to that juicy double patty burger and if you are into fried chicken you should probably add the chicken burger to the list.  Share a milkshake and return to bed for a day of movies and hugs.

Happy weekend everyone!


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French Window
 The Continental
 Gaucho Hong Kong
All photos by DanielHungryHK

 As many of you may know, the boy is actually HK foodie, Hungry Hong Kong, so I spend the majority of my nights eating our way through the city at many of the best date night spots.  I wanted to start a weekly post and share with you all my favourite dining out experiences from my perspective, and recommend some of the best places to you.  If you aren’t in HK, just enjoy all the food porn photos courtesy of Danielhungryhk 😉

When the boy and I dine out, date style ambiance is super high on our list of priorities.  Think flattering lighting, tables that are not smashed up against another, a few enticing drinks, and of course a mouthwatering menu.  Here are a few of my recent favourites.

French Window: Located in convenient IFC and boasting a brasserie style menu, the French Window is somewhere the boy and I will probably return to again and again.  They have irresistible happy hour prices and a seafood platter that rivals those we’ve had in Paris.  Nothing beats that window side view where you can face away from the restaurant and pretend everyone else doesn’t exist.

The Continental:  European with the best from France and England on the menu, quiet outdoor seating, seriously pretty and classic interiors, with spacious booth seating perfect for cozy dinners.  The professional service and decadent menu make it feel like a real treat without the sky high price points.  I would love to try brunch here when the sun can take advantage of their abundance of window realty.

Rustico:  Ok I admit it.  We rarely ever venture to the dark side otherwise known as Kowloon, and this place was a great distance to travel for us, but well worth it.  I am obsessed with their authentic Spanish menu and equally yummy wine list.  Everyone is also super friendly and sharing a table full of tapas is one of my favourite ways to spend with the boy.

Gaucho:  Their location in Chelsea, London was one of our favourite date night spots way back when so this was an obvious choice when they imported the concept to HK.  The steaks are just as good, the cocktails are fun, and that Dulce de Leche dessert is reason enough to return again.

Stay tuned for the next round up of restaurants next week and check out Hungry Hong Kong if you need a lot of food recommendations in this city or just like pretty pics of yumminess.

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I am a girly girl in most ways, but my lack of sweet tooth always baffles most.  The truth is I usually prefer a big juicy burger over rich chocolate cake, so when I discovered my favourite dessert of all time tonight I couldn’t wait to share.  It’s Ava‘s Raspberry and Rose Petal ice cream made and served table side utilizing liquid nitrogen and fresh roses and raspberries.  Most definitely the most romantic dish I have ever witnessed. The fragrance of fresh rose petals mingled with tart raspberry is impossible to resist.  Ava is serving a special Valentine’s Day menu for the entire month of February, so if you are looking for a romantic setting, harbour views, and food that isn’t just tasty but also pretty you should check out Ava.  Love at first sight. 
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