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between you and me

written by ChristingC August 27, 2012
Mara Hoffman Cardigan, Insight shorts, and Mischa clutch all available at Christing C.
American Apparel tank and Rolex watch.
When you spend most of the year sharing the majority of a day with someone else, being alone can become an awkward endeavour.  I find myself daydreaming at a whim, confused about what exact time to consume food, and wandering aimlessly through shops as if a schedule doesn’t exist.  I am always reminded of the episode of Sex and the City where Carrie shares her “secret single behaviour.”  The things you would never do if your boyfriend was around.  I like to ride my exercise bike while watching old episodes of Greys Anatomy, eat food so spicy my face turns tomato red, and sleep far past noon without a care in the world.

What is your secret single behaviour??

Here’s a quick peek at the casual outfit I wore for meetings and errands on a Monday!  Thanks Derek of Ztylistas for helping me take a few pics!!