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she was a mess of rain and wind…

written by ChristingC November 16, 2009

Topshop lace blouse and boots, AA wet look skirt, vintage necklaces, Kabiri bangle.

The weekend commenced with a rain filled start and ended on a similar note. After a few too many cocktails on an unexpected Thursday, the boy and I opted for a relaxed Friday the 13th before the weekend festivities. I….consumed 4 skinny cappuccinos, headed east to witness drunken karaoke, started with wine and ended with tequila, caused my camera’s death, munched on too much pizza, snuggled in blankets refusing to leave, reunited with several cousins for a reminiscent dinner, sampled dim sum, contemplated a vintage black fur, found an addiction to Veronica Mars, indulged the boy’s obsession with X-Factor, and managed to slumber early on a Sunday.

Typical November Weekend.

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